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KILL. An attack that results in an immediate point or side out.

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What is a Kill in Volleyball (Explained) Keeping Score. Volleyball is a game of points. The winning team must achieve a certain number of points before being... Tracking the Kill. Keeping track of volleyball statistics can be challenging due to the pace of the game. Any given... Kill Percentage and ...

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Kill: ‘Kill’ usually has a negative connotation but in beach volleyball we love this word. A kill is when an athlete swings, tips, passes, etc. the ball to the other side of the net directly resulting in a point! Points win matches so these are important.

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GLOSSARY – Learn the Terms Welcome to Volleyball.Com’s learn the terms page! We’ve compiled the best information available and created the most thorough volleyball terms list on the internet. Stay on top of volleyball terminology with Volleyball.Com. ACE – A serve that is not passable and results immediately in a point. ANTENNA – The vertical rods (normally white and red) mounted ...

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Kill. An attack that is un-returnable in which it either hits the floor or a controlled second contact cannot be made off of the dig. This type of dig is often called a “shank”. A kill results in a point for the attacking team.

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A volleyball kill can come in a few forms: 1. The obvious one is when a player, using a swinging motion hits the ball and it touches the floor on the opponents end without touching an opponent. (This can be in the form of a tip, roll or spike) 2. Another way to receive a kill is to set the ball over the net.

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Kill: successful, legal, point-scoring play. It can be from a spike attack, tip or dump. It can be from a spike attack, tip or dump. Mis-hit : A hit in which a player swings but does not contact the ball as intended, giving it a different speed, direction, and spin than the player intended.

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Kill: A hit immediately resulting in a point or out. Kong: A one-handed block so-named after the infamous King Kong's moves. Let Serve: A net serve. Playable if it makes it over the net, dead if not. Line Serve: A straight serve landing on the opponent's left sideline. Line Shot: A spiked shot landing on the opponent's sideline.