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A 3 was the 32 set, which is pretty common usage. Our A was a 71 (back quick). We called the “hut” a “go” (which is what a lot of teams call the fast outside set these days). In contrast, at Midwestern State the “rip” was a back row attack in Zone 1. Then there’s the zero tempo concept some people now use.

Types of Sets in Volleyball: 13 Sets You Need to Know ...

Types of Sets in Volleyball: 13 Sets You Need to Know 1. The Four A four is a high set with a trajectory that goes about three-meters high and comes down at the left front... 2. The Five A five is the opposite of a four. The ball goes about three-meters high and comes down at the right front... 3. ...

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Set Name - 1 / QUICK. A “1” or a “Quick” attack is an in-system 3rd or 4th-step tempo set to the middle attacker directly in front of the setter. Different teams run this play at different tempos. A 3rd-step quick attack is slower than a 4th-step quick attack.

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The Shoot (aka The Go) Volleyball setters often use the "shoot" which is a high velocity set delivered primarily to the left side hitter. The slow version of this set is called a hut, while the fast version is called a "Go". Both versions of this set rely heavily on precise timing and accurate placement.

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One. A one set is a quick set to the middle. Three. A three set is a quick set about half way between the outside and middle. Five Set. A five ball is a back set to the right side hitter. Ten. A ten is a set that's set to a back row attacker. The ball is set to be attacked near the 3 meter attack line (10 foot line).

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Volleyball positions terminology. Setter, outside hitter, libero, middle blocker, strong side, weak side, defensive specialist, right back, middle back Volleyball Positions Terms of the Volleyball Court

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Like the “One,” the “Back One” is set after the hitter is already in the air. Purpose: Isolate a middle blocker or opposite vs. left-side blocker. Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced. This attack requires an accurate pass, an accurate set at the proper location and tempo and an attacker who can get in the air quickly. 'Red' set

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We call a 1-step set (so the hitter is just starting their approach as the setter sets) a "Hut" and a 2nd-step set (so the outside hitter is rolling into their 2nd-step) a "Go." So if I'm a leftside hitter and my setter gives me a "1" signal (just index finger), I need to see the pass and call "Hut" (if the pass isn't great and I just want it high) or "Go" (if the pass looks good and I can go fast).