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How popular is the slang usage of "toss" in British English ...

"toss" is also a noun, and an adjective. "This question is toss" (adj), or "These answers are all a load of toss" (n). Regarding "there are over 60 million English and around 5 million Scots" - and I'm sure the West Lothian Question has been described as "toss". –

What does TOSS mean? - Definitions for TOSS

Meaning of TOSS. What does TOSS mean? ... You would load up a Humvee and help toss garbage out, every time we went out, they would just hand out those cheap, paper ...

TOSS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

toss definition: 1. to throw something carelessly: 2. When you toss food you shake or mix small pieces of it…. Learn more.

TOSH | Definition of TOSH by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com ...

noun. Rubbish; nonsense. ‘So imagine my surprise to find that a full third of the clergy, according to this report from Reuters suspect that the Resurrection is a load of old tosh!’. ‘In my case this business about ‘two weeks and the full on craving goes away’ is a load of old tosh.’.

Tosser Meaning | Best 4 Definitions of Tosser

One who tosses or throws something. noun. 3. 2. (computing) A program that forwards or redirects messages on a bulletin board system. noun. 2. 2. Advertisement.

Urban Dictionary: toss my salad

1) preparing a salad. mixing greens. 2) slang. To humiliate someone by ordering them to commit the act of smearing jelly, or another desirable substance in your anus in order to lick it clean while you masturbate or they give you the reach-around. Toss my salad came from an HBO speacial on prison.

Cricket Toss Predictions - Learn all about Toss Predictions

Toss prediction. The coin toss (or the toss) is the flipping of a coin to determine which captain will have the right to choose whether his team will bat or field at the start of the match. And naturally you can bet on the outcome. We get a lot of request for toss predictions. 'toss prediction' search trends at Google in India.

Slang words for sex activities, practices, moves | Urban ...

noun. acronym for "adult baby". That is, an adult who enjoys dressing as a baby (e.g. in adult-sized baby clothes and/or diapers) and participating in role-playing as such. See more words with the same meaning: acronyms (list of). See more words with the same meaning: sex activities, practices, moves.

Bon Iver - RE: Stacks Lyrics | SongMeanings

On your back with your racks as he stacks your load. In the back with the racks and he stacks your load. In the back with the racks and you're unstacking your load. I've been twisting to the sun. I needed to replace. And the fountain in the front yard is rusted out. All my love was down. In a frozen ground.