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Placing Your Volleys | HITTING WITH PLACEMENT - YouTube

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In this practice session with former WTA player Ema Burgic Bucko who was ranked 466 in singles and 145 in doubles on the WTA rankings, we performed tennis vo...

Muscle activation during the tennis volley

Methods: Seven skilled tennis players were asked to perform volley strokes under 18 experimental conditions, including variations in lateral contact location (forehand and backhand), ball contact height (high, middle, and low), and ball speed (fast, medium, and slow). A ball machine was modified so that the subjects could not predict the ball trajectory before it was released from the machine.

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A tennis volley effectively hit with good placement will have your opponent scrambling to get your forehand volley or backhand volley. The tennis volley is usually hit after the approach shot. The tennis volley is often hit midway in the air, while approaching forwards toward the net.

How to Volley In Tennis - Updated for 2021!

To hit a crisp backhand volley, you are required to close your feet and hips as you’re analyzing your opponent’s shot. Sorting your feet and hips movement early will help in getting the volley right. Before you hit the volley, place the racquet slightly behind your head.

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Tennis Drill: Volley to the Corners. Tennis is unpredictable and playing the net requires quick responses. This drill stresses footwork and fundamentals for success at the net. It also offers a good workout as you practice shot placement to the corners.

How to: Approach the Net like a PRO (tennis volley drill ...

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