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Basketball Defense - Full-Court Pressure Defense, Coach's ...

With the "pressure defense", we do not gamble or trap much. A zone press that emphasizes trapping is always a gamble. A good offense with quick, experienced guards can break through and score easy lay-ups. Pressure defense is not a gambling defense. It applies full-court pressure to the ball, while still protecting against the easy lay-up.

Don Kelbick's 2-2-1 Zone Pressure - Breakthrough Basketball

Don Kelbick's 2-2-1 Zone Pressure. This 2-2-1 zone press is an extension of my match-up zone. As we move up the floor with our defense, the basic match-up rules stay in force, just move up the floor. Look at the basic zone and then stretch it. We start in the basic matchup zone set and stretch it up the floor.

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How to Coach the 1-3-1 Basketball Zone Pressure Defenses

Defense is not passive; however, the term "pressure defense" in modern-day basketball vernacular refers to defenses designed to harass and double-team the offense. Half court, three-quarter court and full court presses provide double-team situations and backcourt harassment. This defense prevents the offense from relaxing and keeps them guessing.

Zone Press Offenses | Attacking Zone Pressure Defense | Hoops ...

Press defenses are generally employed to force the offense out of their comfort zone: to speed them up, to create chaos, to force turnovers. As an offense having to go against a press defense, there are some fundamental tips and guidelines you can follow to help your team beat the press. Attack the press.

Zone Press Defenses | Hoops U. Basketball

The 2-2-1 Zone Press was first made popular by Coach John Wooden's early UCLA teams. This article explains Coach's basic player responsibilities when executing the 2-2-1. The objective of the 2-2-1 Zone Press is to force the offensive into certain areas and situations.

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X’s & O’s of Basketball: The 1-1-3 Pressure Zone Defense

With the 1-1-3, you can have 1 guard extended putting pressure beyond the 3-point line, while the other guard can still cover the high-post area. For more detailed info on the 1-1-3 zone defense, take a look at Bob Huggin's DVD on Pressure 1-1-3 Defense. Coach Huggins is the head coach at West Virginia University.

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They turn up the pressure and try to create lazy, high lob passes. The defenders in back play a half front but should not give up a deep pass. Once the ball is inbounded, you follow the rules of the press. Gold Press - In this press the defenders also step in from the ball and turn their backs to the ball.

Basketball Defense - Man-to-Man Pressure Defense, Coach's ...

Man-to-Man Defense - Keeping pressure on the ball, on-ball defense. Pressure the ball at all times. This will cause turnovers and harass outside shooters. Assume the stance described above, forcing toward the baseline, and focus on the belly-button. Don't get your feet crossed unless you have to sprint back.