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Definetely a man who likes journeys. j/k. If you really wanna know, it would be the typical player who is not a star but still travels the world playing in the tournaments trying to make a good living. Id say a journey-man is ranked 30-150 in the world.

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In American English, a journeyman or journeywoman is an athlete who is technically competent but unable to excel. The term is used elsewhere to refer to a professional sportsman who plays for numerous clubs during his career. In Britain, the term is also used derogatorily, along with mercenary, to refer to players who join various affluent clubs purely in search of higher contractual payouts rather than to further their career; usually clubs which they would likely never join otherwise.

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1. A journeyman is a player who’s played many years in the league and has bounced around between many different teams. Many times, this player is not a superstar, yet is good enough to maintain a roster spot on a team. Examples Of How Journeyman Is Used In Commentary. 1.

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Journeyman definition is - a worker who has learned a trade and works for another person usually by the day. How to use journeyman in a sentence. Did you know?

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Noun. journeyman ( pl. journeymen) a tradesman who has served an apprenticeship and is employed by a master tradesman. 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 26. " [...] toiling away, calm and collected as a journeyman joiner engaged for the year.

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Tennis is a truly global sport. All four corners of the globe host regular ATP and WTA tennis tournaments, as well as the Challenger and Futures tours for the up-and-coming youngsters and journeyman professionals. Only football and horse racing betting is more popular than tennis betting in the UK and beyond – and with very good reason.

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This word is called a winning rally after the active actions of a tennis player. This can be a shot right through, a powerful cross, which the opponent is unable to cope with, or any other successful attacking action. Official match statistics always contain information on winners. The number of such actively won balls largely reflects the strategic drawing of the game of a particular tennis player.

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Smash brothers melee is not tennis, namely because the game does not reset after someone loses a stock. Thus using "game" loses its meaning as something that can be accurately separated within a match or set or whatever you wish to call it.