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The Interesting And Long History Of The Soccer Ball

Origins of The Ball. Historians have found evidence to suggest that proto-soccer balls were made use of by a number of ancient cultures, including the Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Almost all accounts are of teams or individuals kicking a makeshift ball, and it’s always been a community game, where the entire village would get involved.

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In 1855, Charles Goodyear designed and built the first vulcanized rubber soccer balls (footballs). In the 1862, H.J. Lindon developed one of the first inflatable rubber bladders for balls. Tragically his wife previously died from lung disease.

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Soccer Ball History

Mass production of soccer balls started as a direct consequence of the English Football League that was founded in 1888. Mitre and Thomlinson’s of Glasgow were two of the first companies to mass produce soccer balls during that time. They touted that the key element in a quality football was how well it could retain it’s shape.

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Then, in 1951 they made the soccer ball WHITE! Once the 1960s came, soccer balls were made completely from synthetic materials. Architect R. Buckminster Fuller created the iconic soccer ball we all know and love using 20 hexagonal and 12 pentagonal pieces stitched together to form a sphere. This is when the black pentagons were iconically added.

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The history of the soccer ball dates back to ancient times. From a couple centuries BC to about 200 AD, the Chinese used balls made from animal skins in a game called 'tsu chu', in which players had to pass them through a net stretched between two poles.

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The history of the modern soccer ball began in 1862 with the invention of the rubber bladder. Prior to this, ball makers had relied on pigs’ bladders to provide shape and structure for the leather exterior of the ball. The new rubber bladders had several advantages over their predecessors.

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The people who do not know the history of soccer might get surprised, or maybe even disgusted, when they find out that the very first balls were made from animals. During the earliest days of the game that were used for each game was made from an animal bladder.

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History of soccer balls (19th Century) Desmond Morris (1981) had some interesting theories why footballs were kicked and not handled. He described the origins of the early Aztec game, and considered the ball represented a symbol of the sun and players were forbidden to touch it during the game.