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HD Voice | VoLTE | Cricket Wireless

HD Voice uses VoLTE (voice over LTE) technology. At Cricket, you'll get voice calling over our nationwide 4G LTE network.* Enjoy crisp and clear conversations while using your phone to surf the web or stream music or video at up to 4G LTE speeds.

BYOD Compatibility | Cricket Wireless

Click here for compatible HD Voice devices sold by Cricket. *To make sure your phone is compatible with our network, enter your device ID (IMEI) number. BYOD compatibility is subject to change. 1 HD Voice (VoLTE) compatible 2 HD Voice (VoLTE), Wi-Fi Calling compatible

Cricket Wireless VoLTE Update - 2/9/21 : CricketWireless

Cricket Wireless VoLTE Update - 2/9/21 For those with Samsung BYOD flagship phones: Cricket has enabled VoLTE on Samsung devices (starting with the Samsung S8 and above) sold for the U.S. market. See how I said "sold for the U.S. market" so if you have an international Samsung variant, not gonna work.

Eligible HD Voice-Capable Smartphones | Cricket Wireless

Most new HD Voice devices purchased from AT&T since 2019 will work on Cricket’s HD Voice Network. The latest software version is required. More phones coming soon!

Cricket starts winding down 3G network, presenting a big ...

Like AT&T, Cricket operates a BYOD whitelist, only allowing devices on that list to take advantage of HD Voice / VoLTE. However, there are many newer LTE/5G phones out there that do support VoLTE...

Cricket Wireless is auditing their network & disabling VoLTE ...

My assumption is that Cricket/ATT is doing network auditing and if the phones are not on their Whitelist, disabling VoLTE on them in the overnight hours. It's clear that VoLTE is capable of functioning on these two model phones (and likely many other VoLTE capable phones that they are refusing to Whitelist) and that AT&T/Cricket is simply trying to drive device sales using the 3G shutdown as an excuse.

3G Network Shutdown | Great Big Network | Cricket Wireless

Beginning September 21, 2021, if you are on a non-HD Voice capable device that is affected by the 3G Network Shutdown in February 2022, we could re-direct your call to customer service. Cricket wants to prepare you for the network changes, and we want to be available to answer questions about your device and why you will need to upgrade.

Explained: AT&T and T-Mobile VoLTE phone cutoffs - Android ...

T-Mobile customers can no longer activate new devices without VoLTE capabilities. This rule came into force on August 4, 2020. Current T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile lost their access to non-VoLTE ...

BYOD VoLTE phones for Cricket Wireless - HowardForums

Cricket restricts VoLTE. AT&T won't let BYOD Android devices have WiFi Calling. This apply to AT&T postpaid, prepaid and all MVNO's.