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Names of cricket fielding positions: 1: Wicketkeeper. 2: The Slips. 3: Gully. 4: Short leg. ...

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Here, we take a look at all fielding positions names and explanation on the placement of each position: 1. Wicket-Keeper: This fielding position is present behind the stumps at the batting end of the pitch. There is only one wicket-keeper in the playing XI and is a crucial fielding position in cricket.

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There are actually 4 main fielding positions within the slips: 1 st slip, 2 nd slip, 3 rd slip and 4th slip. However, not all of these positions need to be used at the same time! Slip fielders will usually set their position based on where the wicket keeper is standing.

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Cricket is all about making runs and catching a ball to gain wickets to make the opponent team defeat in the match. Fielding is one of the important aspects of cricket. The positions of the players depend on the circular field of the ground. Captain has to set everyone’s place on the ground for proper fielding. There are three main positions of the players in cricket, which are as: – All Cricket Fielding Position Names and it’s Explanation

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Find a list of cricket fielding position names because it is equally important for a captain to keep his players in the correct fielding position on the field. There are nine different types of fielding positions on the field remaining two players are wicket-keeper and bowler.

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There are two types of cricket fielding position: Off-side. On-side (leg-side) Skills required for fielding in Cricket Field Position. Types of cricket fielding position in cricket. Restriction on the cricket fielding position. Cricket Fielding Position Tips. Attacking Fielding Position. Introduction.

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The captain, the twelfth man, and an all rounder are all important players on a cricket team. The captain has many responsibilities that include determining fielding positions when on defense, creating the batting lineup, and choosing the bowlers. The twelfth man is the substitute player for a cricket team.

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This video not only tells all the fielder positions (field placements) in Cricket, but also explains it in a manner that you will not forget them easily. Th...